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StuntArtist Productions

Fun is the way! Alexander StuntArtist Productions is Alexander Lindmans company that sometimes produces films, theatre, solcial media clips, sketches, writings and all other possible things Alexander might come up with. And helps him freelance as an Actor, Stuntman, Dramatic Movement Choreograph for theatre, Mover, Jester among other things...

Don't ask what StuntArtist Productions can do for Alexander,

but what it can do for you!

What we can do for you:

Dramatic Movement Choreography for Theatre

Alexander Lindman has choreographed dramatic movement for DRAMATEN, Riksteatern, Stockholm University of the Arts among other theatres in Sweden. And choreographed: Poetic movement, stage fight, stage fencing, stunts, slapstick, mime, dramatic movements, stunts, space work...

Actor/Mime/MoCap Performer

For shorter gigs/events/films and other it is very possible.

As an actor in longer projects Alexander is usually hired by the producion company or theatre directly and not through StuntArtist Producions.

Workshop leader

Alexander is a mulittalanted performance artist and have held workshops as a teaching artist for schools, theatres, festivals and other big events in several different diciplines: Stagefight, Studio fight, Stage fencing, Mime, Acting, Juggling, Circus, Jestery and street theatre, theatre, Slapstick...

Stuntperformer for Film

Alexander Lindman is freelancing mainly via Stuntmakers, Svenska stuntgruppen and other stunt groups in Sweden: so contact them first and ask for him there. Unless it's mainly an actor role, with some stunts.

If you want me to choreograph fight or dramatic movement for a film it is also better to ask for me via a stuntgroup first.

Some finished colaborations:

DRAMATEN (Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm)

- ARV by Carl Johan Karlsson at DRAMATEN 2022

- Almost a full hour of Wrestling (360 degrees stage fight) for the play The Royal Dramatic Rumbling Wrestling Fight Night Forever! - Fadren vs. Fodringsägare

- Rövare at DRAMTEN's youth stage ELVERKET - Stage fight with Eva Melander

Byteatern in Kalmar's premiere play Hamlet:

- Choreographed the fencing duel (about 10 minutes) between Hamlet and Leartes

Riksteatern Sweden's National Touring Theatre:

- Det skimrande vattnet - Brutal stage fight

- Blod Svett och tårar - Boxing choreography

- Dagen efter imorgon - Fight and mime explosion

Workshop leader/Guest teacher:

- Riksteatern's festival LÄNK - Stagefight

- Stockholm University of the Art's advanced screen acting course - studio fight

- Upsala University's Game Design program at Campus Gotland - How to direct MoCap/Stunt/Mime/Actors 

- Värmland Circus festival - juggling and circus school

- Zin-Lit Stunt institute - physical and stunt training

-Circus Cirkör Sunne and Karlstad - Circus school teacher


- Parkour choreography and stuntcoordinating for big Swedish comercial - for Stuntgruppen

- Fighting Dolph Lundgren and doing wire work for big comercial - for Stuntgruppen

- "Känn ingen sorg", Fire stunt for big motion picture - for Stuntmakers

- "Johan Falk GSI", stunt acting for big motion picture -for Stuntmakers

- "Springfloden", TV stunt doubling Kjell Berqvist falls and fight - for Stuntmakers


- Wintermezzo Malmö, hugh outdoor circus and stunt show in Malmö

- High Chaparall, Stunts and acting 3 summer tours.

- Choreographed stage fight for several of Stockholm University of the Art's theatre and film projects and end productions during my time as a student.

- Created several film festival winning shortfilms